Massachusetts homeowners and business owners in search of reliable propane service and delivery need look no further than Supreme Energy. If you have a furnace that requires propane, or you’re interested in installing a propane furnace in your building, we can happily assist you. Propane is a safe, versatile alternative fuel option, which is why it’s becoming more and more popular among our residential and commercial customers in the Bay State.

Whether you need to heat your home or business, choosing our propane supplier in Weymouth, MA, is a wise choice. Propane is an incredibly efficient heating source, and can be used to for heating water, fueling indoor and outdoor fireplaces, cooking on gas grills and even running your backup generator. Supreme Energy also offers you competitive pricing and top-notch customer service, as our goal is to always leave you fully satisfied with our work. Contact us at (781) 331-7900 or connect with us online to schedule your free propane consultation today!

Propane can be used to:

  • Heat your home
  • Heat your water
  • Fuel indoor and outdoor fireplaces
  • Cook on gas grills
  • Fuel a space heater
  • Dry your clothes
  • Heat your pool


Supreme Energy uses a wireless tracking system to ensure that you always have plenty of propane in your tank. When your tank is running low, our Enertrac system alerts us to schedule a delivery. Not only does this ensure that you never run out of propane; it puts our truck on the road only when necessary, which lowers carbon emissions to benefit the environment.


Automatic propane delivery in Greater Boston and South Eastern Massachusetts area.


Refill your propane tanks and propane cylinders here

We offer prompt, professional filling of your propane tank or propane cylinder. Whether you use propane to power your landscaping equipment or you simply want to refill your propane barbecue tank, you’ll always find friendly face waiting for you at one of our select fill stations.


Did you know that some heating system parts can cost hundreds of dollars to replace? Our heating service plans are designed to protect you from a big repair bill with preventive maintenance and—depending on which plan you choose—either a 15% repair discount or full parts-and-labor.

Heating service plans include:

  • A complete heating system tune-up
  • Priority response if you ever lose your heat

Our heating system tune-up ensures that your system is running at optimum efficiency, which has the potential to cut your annual heating costs by as much as 10%. There’s real peace of mind knowing that your system has been checked before the winter, and knowing that, if you ever lose your heat, we’ll get to you fast to get it going again.

Heating service plans are available for our residential customers in The Greater Boston area and South Eastern Massachusetts

Budget Program

No one needs a big winter fuel bill right around the holidays, and with the Breathe Easy Plan, you won’t have one. The Breathe Easy Plan is our convenient monthly payment program that allows you to spread the cost of your propane out over ten months. Instead of paying for 80% of your fuel in just 4 or 5 cold months, we give you the option to spread your payments out, which means you won’t be faced with those extra-big bills in winter anymore.

The Breathe Easy Plan makes it easy to budget your fuel costs throughout the year, and there is no extra charge to enroll.

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