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Supreme’s Breathe Easy™ fuel blend uses an ultra-low sulfur fuel coupled with an exclusive advanced additive. This unique blend will help your boiler or furnace run cleaner, smoother and longer.


Our award-winning team of certified technicians install and repair high-efficiency heating/cooling systems for homes and commercial properties throughout Eastern Massachusetts.


Our team is on call 24/7 to ensure you won’t be left out in the cold. Enjoy award-winning service and peace-of-mind by choosing Supreme for your energy services.


We build custom budget-programs that specifically meet each of our customer’s needs. Pay the same level amount for your heating oil each month. No one needs a big winter fuel bill right around the holidays.

Automatic Heating Oil Delivery
Supreme Energy is an environmentally conscious company committed to delivering premium heating oil safely, promptly and professionally.
Automatic Propane Delivery
Propane is a safe, efficient, and versatile fuel option, that has become more and more popular among our residential and commercial customers.
Residential HVAC
Propane is a safe, efficient, and versatile fuel option, that has become more and more popular among our residential and commercial customers.
Commercial HVAC
Propane is a safe, efficient, and versatile fuel option, that has become more and more popular among our residential and commercial customers.
Natural Gas and Electricity
Save money on energy costs for your business! Take advantage of competitive electricity and natural gas pricing with our energy brokerage service.
Water Heater Services
The average life expectancy of a water heater is roughly 8 to 12 years. If you notice unusual sounds or odors, it may be time for an upgrade.
Wi-Fi Thermostats
Control your heating/cooling system from anywhere using your smartphone or tablet, ensuring maximum comfort and energy savings.
Oil Tank Services
If your oil tank needs to be replaced, Supreme Energy will give you a competitive price to remove your old tank and replace it with a safe, modern fuel storage solution.

Heating and Cooling Experts

Family owned and operated for over 75 years, Supreme Energy provides a complete line of heating and cooling services across Greater Boston and South Shore Massachusetts. Services include: Automatic Oil and Propane Delivery, Complete HVAC Equipment Installations, 24/7 Emergency Boiler and Furnace Repairs, Electricity and Natural Gas Brokerage, Oil Tank Installations and Removal,Wi-Fi Thermostat Installations, and more.

Supreme Energy is proud to employ highly-qualified deliverymen, technicians, installers, electricians, and outstanding customer service representatives. It is our goal to provide the best possible energy solutions for your home and business. We thank you for choosing Supreme Energy and look forward to serving you for years to come.

Call us today at (781) 331-7900, or get in touch with us online. We’re located at 572 East St. in Weymouth, MA, and we’re standing by to assist you!


Supreme Energy
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Beata PelkaBeata Pelka
16:42 01 Sep 22
The five stars are for Paul and the customer service staff. Initially, when they were called their technician who had no idea what he was talking about gave us such a scare and we lost hope in salvaging our new generator. Paul who has multiple licenses in the field of propane and gas made us feel better. He was very kind, understanding and apologetic for the message that was related by his co worker. Paul assured us that nothing that was said needed to be done. Paul is a gem. Supreme Energy is very fortunate to have him. Thank you.
Elizabeth RiouxElizabeth Rioux
15:22 17 Apr 22
We have had Supreme for a few years now. Most of the customer service reps are professional and polite. There is one gentleman who has been the absolute opposite. Today is Easter Sunday and we are out of oil. We are on a fill when needed service. This is the second time we have run out. The man told me that someone would come and fill it up. He then called me and said that we have an outstanding balance and that can change things to get our oil. He said that is why we ran out the last time. We pay our bill as time goes and not all at once as it continues to get filled automatically. He told me that because there is an outstanding balance that it “effects” getting oil or not. I told him that holding heat and hot water to customers in Massachusetts is illegal. He literally yelled at me and said, “well I guess it’s illegal!” And hung up. Prior to this conversation, every time I or my husband has spoken to him he has been beyond rude. His tone is absolutely dismissive and even his associates have understood when we’ve mentioned this behavior. So- no heat or hot water to shower or wash Easter dinner dishes. Thanks Supreme. Unless I speak with the owner and discuss this unprofessional treatment and the holding back of heat and hot water, I will be speaking with the Better Business Bureau on Monday, as well as, finding an oil service that we can rely on, but most importantly be treated with mutual respect.
Lisa DaleyLisa Daley
02:32 15 Dec 21
Been doing business with Supreme Energy for almost 10 years - first for oil delivery, then for furnace maintenance and emergency calls. When I woke up this morning, the heat wasn't working and apparently had been off all night because there was no hot water either. Not a great way to start the day. But within about 3 hours there was someone here, and the repair person pinpointed the problem right away and corrected it. Over the years, communications have always been excellent, the delivery and repair people are knowledgeable, polite, and professional, and everyone goes above and beyond to provide both excellent service and emergency response. I was inspired to write a review this time because when your heat goes out in the winter, great service is especially appreciated. And if the fix is simple, honesty is appreciated too. Highest recommendation, thank you, Supreme.🔥
Michael EdwardsMichael Edwards
13:54 09 Jul 21
I found them awful to deal with. Once the contract was signed, there was zero communication. When they showed up, the tech told us that the trench the pool company dug was done wrong. It wasn't. He also told us we would be charged more than the contract because he had to move a pile of dirt to place his tanks. Yes a pile dirt. And yes I got a bill. So they don't honor the contract price.He spent almost 5 hours at our house and then at 5 PM told us he couldn't finish the job because the pool company didn't leave the proper valve with the heater. Um why wasn't that told to us earlier so we could call the pool company or go buy one? Nope he just left. I called and spoke to a Jean who was just awful to deal with. Talked in circles about how the pool company did the trench wrong, it was our problem for not using Supreme to trench the area, it was our fault we didn't have the valve on site. Just awful customer service. Then when I did call the pool company they laughed and said that is 100% something the tech and propane company should know how to do and it was PART OF THEIR PERMIT. Then THEY CALLED Supreme for me and fought with them about actually doing their job. Kudos to B&L Pools for doing that for me. Next day, Supreme was back installing the valve that a day earlier wasn't their job.... Amazing how that happens.Unfortunately I am stuck in a contract with this company now. Ugh...
Lindsey WoodsLindsey Woods
19:21 07 Jun 21
We had central AC installed in our home by supreme. It was a large job, 4 full days. From start to finish - it was a wonderful experience. The sales rep, Nolan has been fantastic answering all of our questions. The crew that came in to install each day were professional, courteous, and made it as East as possible being home with two children while having such a large project take over your home. I felt comfortable both staying and leaving the house while they were there. I would highly recommend them.

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