Your business is on its way to real success, but it will take hard work for everyone involved to reach that milestone and then stay on that path. Equip your business for growth by ensuring your company is a comfortable place to be. Trust in the folks at Supreme Energy for all your cooling, heating and fueling needs!

With our petroleum product services in Weymouth, MA, you and your colleagues can rest assured that you’ll get the climate control you deserve. To really thrive, your business needs a hardworking, talented and happy team of employees, and they’ll only be able to do their best work in a pleasant working environment. We’ll provide you with the heating services you need to keep your building temperate and comfortable all year long. We offer competitive pricing on all of our services, so we can work with you no matter how large or small your company, restaurant or apartment building may be.


Supreme Energy also provides fuel deliveries, including diesel fuel and gasoline for vehicles, to companies throughout the Bay State. Our team members are expertly trained, and they possess all the experience and tools necessary to perform your equipment installations and petrol deliveries. Plus, all heating oil or fuel you buy from us contains our special ingredient: Supreme 3000. This custom-blended fuel additive reduces fuel line and tank corrosion, stabilizes fuel quality, reduces emissions and ups the efficiency of combustion. Keep your business on the move and running smoothly!

Does your service company operate a fleet of automobiles?

Talk to us about bulk and fleet vehicle fueling. We’ll provide you with budgetary- and purchase-analysis tools so you can maintain and even reduce your energy costs, and we’ll deliver your gasoline at a consistent pace and competitive rate. It doesn’t matter if you need diesel or gas, or how many commercial vehicles your company owns!


Interested in wet hose and fuel station delivery?

If you’re a contractor, make your life easier and contact Supreme Energy — we’ll come to you! We’ll provide you with comprehensive wet hose service so that your important equipment continues to run as it should, and we’ll provide measured, consistent fuel so that you can keep your costs under control. If you’re interested, we also provide drop-off fuel station delivery.



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