Has the thought of making your home more energy-efficient crossed your mind lately? Making your home as energy-efficient as possible is good for the environment and will help lower your monthly energy bill. Here are several tips that will help make your home more energy-efficient.

Clean and replace all filters

Old and dirty filters make your heating/cooling system work harder and even run longer than necessary, leading to increased energy consumption. For instance, if you clean your dirty air filter or replace it with a newer one, your air conditioner energy consumption will be reduced.

Air seal your home

Identify any cracks, leaks, and gaps in your house and seal them. This will save you close to 10% of your home cooling and heating costs. Getting any gaps properly sealed will allow your heating/cooling system to keep the temperature consistent throughout your home.

Change your light bulbs into LEDs

LED bulbs are energy-efficient lighting solutions. Changing all your home bulbs into LEDs will translate into a 60% to 70% improvement in your energy efficiency. In some instances, the improvement could be as high as 90% depending on what light bulbs you replaced and the type of LEDs you replaced. Such improvements in energy efficiency directly relate to financial saving.

Install a Smart Thermostat

A Smart Thermostat can be set to use less energy at certain times so the heat won’t be on as often during times when your family members are normally out. Every degree of extra cooling or heating will increase your energy usage. Automatically adjusting your house temperature according to your schedule with a Smart Thermostat is a great way to save on your monthly bill.

Get a New Energy-Efficient Heating/Cooling System

Modern heating and cooling systems use energy much more efficiently than older heating equipment. A new heating system can be customized for your home so heat is distributed evenly and there are no hot or cold spots. Getting a new system installed will have a higher cost up-front but the monthly savings can quickly add up. New systems are more dependable tahn older systems and require maintenance less frequently.

A home that uses energy as efficiently as possible is a great way to minimize your carbon footprint and lower your monthly energy bill. Supreme Energy offers heating/cooling system installation to residents in Weymouth and the surrounding area so you can make sure your equipment is up-to-date. Contact us today to learn more about getting a new MA Heating/Cooling System and our monthly service plans.

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