If you’re wondering about the benefits of low emission fuels as an alternative for your home heating system this winter, you’re not alone. BreatheEasy™ Low Emissions Fuel blend uses an ultra-low sulfur fuel coupled with an exclusive advanced additive. This unique blend will help your boiler or furnace run cleaner, smoother and longer. Homes in Weymouth and across the South Shore use it as it’s a safe, clean, environmentally friendly fuel that heats cleanly, efficiently and reliably. 

Supreme Energy has found many advantages to offering low emissions fuel as an option for oil delivery to our customers. Here’s why we recommend using BreatheEasy™ Low Emissions Fuel to our customers so they can keep their home warm through the winter: 


Low emissions fuel costs are comparable to traditional heating oil, but a bit lower. A full tank will also last longer due to the renewable energy components from soybeans and other plants. Many customers require less frequent oil deliveries after they start using BreatheEasy™ fuel to heat their home.

Environmentally Friendly:

Biodiesel is a safer alternative to heating oil since it’s renewable, biodegradable and non-toxic. It’s also suitable for sensitive environments such as those with children, seniors and pets. Research shows that using a high-efficiency heating system with bioheat fuel will provide cleaner air and fewer related health problems including reduced cancer risk, respiratory issues, and even premature death.

Works with Current Equipment:

Low emissions fuel will work with standard oil heating equipment, boilers and diesel generators that are in use throughout Weymouth and South Shore area homes. It requires no residential heating equipment modifications or retrofitting. In fact, it performs the same as regular heating oil. The low emissions fuel can also help your heating equipment last longer and require less scheduled maintenance.

Good for the economy: 

The bioheat fuel and biodiesel industry creates jobs in the United States. With the increased demand for renewable energy options for home heating systems, bioheat fuel will continue to be a major contributor to our economy. 

With colder days right around the corner, it’s a good time to think about reducing your carbon footprint and cutting your energy costs. Getting bioheat fuel delivered to your home with Supreme Energy in Weymouth and  the South Shore area is easy. Contact us today for more information about home oil delivery and high-efficiency heating system installation options.


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